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VINE Videos viewing client (Android)

Vinetube was one of the earliest third party vine viewer android application. It was fast, easy to use and provided features like favourite, search, preloading and streaming video. It garnered more than 1.5M organic downloads. It was later sold to WeDreamMedia.


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Platform for fashion designers in India to showcase their creations to buyers and fashion enthusiasts (Android)

The idea behind Style Stack was to bring buyers, designers and fashion curators on the same platform. It was launched in collboration with The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). The application will ensure the fash-forward creations of designers showcased at the five-day fashion event remain fresh on the minds of buyers who are passionate about style and fashion connoisseurs in the business.

Cool Zoom Unlock

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Fun lock-screen replacement, enabling zoom to unlock (Android)

This app replaces the old lock screen styles "slide", "pattern" or pin, with customizable and exciting zoom to unlock functionality. You can choose an image and set the zoom level, point as the key to unlock your device. .

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